Meng 1/32 Fokker Dr.I wings

OK, I reviewed this kit back on the old site and I remember someone asking me if the wings on my kit were warped, as so many others seemed to be. Well, looking at them on the sprue, I didn’t think so. Unfortunately:

I appear to have been wrong. All three were like this, and the Dr.I did NOT use wing warping. So, out with the hot (but not boiling) water:

I’m always afraid I’ll mess up the detail when I do this, but somehow, I don’t. I put each wing under a board with a book on top for a few minutes when I remove from the water. And now:

You can see the board in the background there. I wish all my modeling issues were so easily fixed!

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:


Worked really well.
I need to have a proper look at my kit and see if it has warped wings. I’m fully expecting it.