Meng 96K6 Pantsir-S1

Finally finished something.
Meng’s Pantsir S1, great model all around, the only real problem I had were the rocket tubes, I broke the plastic pins they are supposed to attach at, had to replace them with wire but I was not able to achieve enough friction to move them (they refused to stand in an angle), so I had to glue them in lower position. The guns are movable, though.
I was afraid not to overdo the weathering, so I will leave as is.
Comments and suggestions for my improvement welcome as always.


Looks sharp!

Looks great! I’m been waivering between the Meng kit and the Zvezda kit.

:beer: :cowboy_hat_face:

Looking Good! Well Done!

Very nice! You nailed the dust.

That is very good!! Are these the original tires?
And I love the way that dieseltank looks! And the side of the cabin… that grimey look…

Thanks guys for your kind words, I’m glad you like it.
Yes, the tires are from the box, rubber type and they accepted paints and weathering really good, no peeling of paint at all. Rear ones look woobly on pics because they are not glued, just pushed on pins.

Beautiful job Sasa ! The shade and shadow looks great and really accents the various parts of the vehicle. Great job on the subtle weathering! Love it

Great work, weathering looks perfect to me. No need to overdo it.

You did it!!!

Looks great Saša, I have the Zvezda kit which I will be starting in the new year for my 8 Wheelers Group build. did you paint all the chassis flat black like the instructions say ?
I agree about the weathering, it looks fine and not overdone. Great overall look :+1:

Hi! Yes, the chasis is overall black like instuctions suggested and lightly drybrushed with gunmetal.


Absolutely brilliant.

I got 95% done on the Trumpeter one then managed to get overspray on the clear windscreen parts (thought id masked them, forgot i hadn’t) and that was that. It is still sat there in its arctic livery - not sure what to do with it. Possibly bin and get the Meng…

Depending on which paint you have used, alcohol may remove it from the transparent part without damaging it.

VMS has a paint remover that could work as well.

Tried that but with paint thinner. Was Tamiya paint so i used Tamiya thinner.

Suffice to say it didnt work very well.

Nop. Thinner does not work once the paint is cured. From top of my mind, Tamiya acrylic can be removed with (isopropilic?) alcohol

I’ll look into this - thank you

Definitely worth trying to save … do Trumpy have a decent customer care/helpline/replacement parts service ?

Fantastic big Russian machine there- excellent job on the weathering too- it looks great the way you’ve done it.

The best way to remove excess paint on clear parts is to gently rub it with a wooden toothpick. It can make wonders at least with Tamiya acrylics.


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