Meng aftermarket track

I have read where some are grumpy with Meng track. I was going to pull the trigger on Mengs Leopard 1 track. Should I go for it or try an alternate? Your thoughts would be appreciated if you have built the Meng Leo 1 track.

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I’m building Meng’s Pzh-2000 right now.

The tracks are the same as the Leo1 ones so I can provide some feedback here. They are actually pretty good.

They are in the form of two sides of each deck link, guidehorn inner piece on one side and rubber track pads on the outer piece on the other side. You push them together and they do stick without glue.

The track pins come in molds of two and sit in grooves between the track pieces when you push them together which joins the tracks together. They really do work nicely. Meng give you a little jig that you lay the inner guidehorn sides of the tracks on the bottom and it holds them in place so you can place the pin doubles between them and then the outer halves of the track pieces over the top to click in. It’s alright.

The criticisms I have are that the front and back track pieces are incredibly thin and will just snap in your hands so extreme caution is the order of the day. They are a bit fiddly but they do work.

I’ve done some other Meng tracks that don’t work (the track pins aren’t long enough on the Buk for example so you’re left cutting away the pin sprue holders only to have it all fall to bits on you as soon as you pick it up…) but these ones are pretty good and the detail is very decent.

The time consuming part is stripping the parts off the sprue and cleaning them up. From start to finish you’re looking at about four hours but you might be faster than me.

Hope this helps dude.

I have built the PZH 2000 as well and had no issues with the tracks. I guess it is like all manufacturers, sometimes they are on the mark, other times, they drop the ball. I’d say stick with the Meng Leopard tracks.

Thanks, I am planning to use them on a Swedish 103 C