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A build of Meng 1/35 French Super Heavy Tank, Char 2C "French Behemoth"

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Francis, thank you for this clean and succinct review.

Are some of the bogies staggered behind others, similar to Tigers and Panthers?

Nice work putting the leaves along the inside of the tracks. That is a surprising level of detail.


Many thanks for your like (i suppose…lol), and kind comments, i’m glad you like it.
The running gear on this monster is quite strange, but not as intricate as that of the German Big Cats.
I add a photo of a moment in which the process is underway, and you can see very well the pieces that make up the running gear.
It is true that there is a small gap between adjacent wheels, in the overlapping way that the Germans liked so much (for example with the Half-track), but it is quite simple and subtle in the French CHAR.
Thus, he managed to “fool” me, and I made a mistake on the first assembly attempt, thinking that everything was linear, but after everything was glued together, I saw the mistake, and fortunately I was able to take off without catastrophic damage and do it again, this time good…
I have a complete WIP on another forum, Britmodeller, in case you are interested in seeing something else, I will give you a link (if it is not allowed, I will delete it), to the WIP.

(CHAR 2C Super Heavy French Tank, "The French Leviathan" MENG 1/35 - Work in Progress - Armour -

Any questions or suggestions, happy to comment.
Francis. :+1:


Francis, a beautiful model. Lots of excellent detail and extraordinary finishing. Your subtle weathering is wonderful.

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Hi SSGToms,
Many thanks for your kind words, i’m glad you like it.
I really would have liked to get it “dirty” more, but since these didn’t see real action, I held back on the effects.
In any case, a vehicle that was “in service” for at least 20 years, and that did perform maneuvers and propaganda material, had to wear out by force, although with regular maintenance.
Francis. :+1:


@Francis_GL, the amount of weathering is, in my opinion, appropriate. Personally, I tend to muck my vehicles up a great deal but it depends on what circumstances I envision it operating in. I know there were some rainy weeks during the Battle of France when one could expect these things to be splattered with mud but by and large, most of the knocked out vehicles I’ve seen during the Battle of France look quite clean other than dust.

Thank you for posting the photo of applying the bogeys. It does not look as intimidating as I thought it would be. Having built many Tigers and T-34s and Shermans, I have taking an interest in the French tanks and have started collecting the kits. That will be my next focus when I finally start building models again. After seeing this model of yours, I want one.

Thank you again for showing more pictures. It should be fine to post a link.



Hi Fred,
I’m delighted to post it and that someone is inspired by something I did, very kind of you.
Without a doubt, this kit is easy to assemble due to its good quality, (MENG is my favorite brand along with TAMIYA, the T10M that I made before this one, and it is posted, it also pleasantly surprised me), and the resulting model is very special, The only thing that can be compared to it is the CHAR 1B, which is in my sights, I really like it, but it is really expensive in my opinion for what it offers…if I find an attractive offer, it will go to the stash…
This tank lends itself a lot to weathering, with so many shapes and rivets, but I have held back because of what you say, if you take into account the context of its service, it didn’t seem very reasonable…
I hope to see yours published when you decide to do so.
If you have any questions when you tackle it, I’d be happy to help.
If it is true, I am not familiar with this forum, which also redirects to another website, a little complicated for me…lol.
I had previously published several models, but when the forum migrated, some passed, because I think my user is not the same…
In any case, my published models are under the nickname FrancisGL, in case there are any that you are interested in seeing.
Francis. :+1:

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