Meng D9R dozer

Can a civilian Cat D9 be made from the Meng D9R kit? My son is a heavy equipment operator and pushes one of these babies around at times, and I’d like to build one for him. If it’s possible, anyone know what the mods are?

I believe so, but by saying D9 you basically said he is a Sherman crewman and can this kit be converted. More information about his D9 is needed.

IDF D9s are modified in Israel by installing a locally produced armor kit which include a protected cab and the protection of certain mechanical components, so you would have to remove/modify all those.
This thread might help you: Caterpillar D9 civil dozer - 1/35 based on Meng Models - Work In Progress - Vehicles -

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Yes, you can. Firecat Designs released a conversion kit a number of years ago, but it is no longer available (luckily, I just managed to pick up a used one). It was 3D printed and even included the proper decals. Information is here, which should give you an idea of what needs to be done to convert the Meng kit.