Meng Drill Bits - - Excellent

Meng has an excellent set of finger held Drill Bits for $8 from Sprue Brothers. Found these to be an excellent tool.

I pick up a set several months ago and have used on my last six or so build projects. The Meng drill bits became my drill bits of choice. Found with the Meng set I seldom use the mini Micro-Mark set and pin vise these days.

The .4mm to 1.3mm selection proved
handy with the newer kits. After breaking the .4mm bit decided to pick up a spare set. Sprue Brothers has the Meng Drill Bits back in stock.

Thought these were worth mentioning as I’ve had a lot of use out of them.

I agree. Heavily used and I need some more.

I thought they costed more but I was mistaken. I had gotten this local set from the hobby shop for $20.

Thanks for the tip. Ordering now.

They ARE very good bits…BUT…go easy when handling them as they can snap just by lookin at them the wrong way…! Ask me how I know… :frowning:



The bits with color-coded collars are a big plus for me — cheap enough on Amazon.


Ditto that, they do a good impersonation of a hypodermic too!