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MENG will be launching a series of Dune model kit products in the future. Firstly, we are presenting three model kits of vehicles from the Dune movie: Harkonnen Ornithopter, Spice Harvester and Atreides Ornithopter kits

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Now thats a nice new addition …

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Hope they also, do the original film ones.

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Glad to see someone is making these but . . . why so small? The harvester is about 4" long x 2.5" wide x 1" high. That’s just a bit bigger than 2 decks of playing cards stacked. The Atreides 'thopter is about 4" long x 6" wingspan. My guess is maybe 1/144 scale? I would think 1/72 scale would be better so they would match other aircraft models. The harvester maybe at 1/200?

Exciting yet a bit disappointing IMHO.


Good point … I didnt register the sizes ,

At those sizes I could see them sold completed on blister cards. They seem more like something Hot Wheels or Johnny Lightning would put out.

I don’t know. Without cockpit windows and some interior, they’ll resemble resin wargaming pieces…just blocks of resin with black painted windows.

They’re nice additions; however, I would have expected more detail for plastic kits.


Maybe Revell my jump on the bandwagon or Bandai ?

I guess the problem is in the proportions of the “real” aircraft, 17cm of wingspan is not that small, approximately the same of a Huey or an F-16 at 1/72. Just that the fuselage is small in comparison.

I wouldn’t doubt it if that’s what they are.

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Does the Spice Harvester come with a Space Shuttle?

That was a joke.

There are 3D models of ornithopters available on the Internet.

I would prefer them in plastic though. And in bigger scale than what Meng is offering.


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It would be nice, but sadly as the film makers name is on the box lid, LEGENDARY, I’m guessing the licencing is tied-up by MENG.

Squadron Mail Order has these listed as PREORDER.

What surprises me is that they’re so cheap and I have to wonder how large they actually are. They must be no larger than wargaming pieces…one can buy, build, and paint a whole fleet of these Ornithophers and spice harvesters for a diorama.

There is going to be a 1/12 MENG astronaut figure that should be interesting if it’s not too Anime-like.

They are now for sale, or at least, pre-sale. The scales are not known, nor are they printed on the box, or even if all the kits are to a common scale, but they look to be no bigger, or maybe smaller, than 1/144 scale. :slightly_frowning_face:
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