Meng Husky Tatical Support Vehicle

I dug out my Meng husky TSV to build and i was reading up on it and found out the Brits divested them and gave or sold some to Ghana and Ukraine so ill decide to make it Ukrainian
now the question is did the Ukrainians arm it with a PKM 7.62mm, DhSK 12.7mm or a Kord 12.7mm
and were they kept in the sand color or repainted and is there any distinct Ukrainian markings on them
and are any other those machine guns available in kit form

Seems to be fitted with the M2 at least in this video. They’d need to be adapted for other MGs. But it wouldn’t be surprising to see it happen.


What radio would it carry and where would it be stored? I assume not in the original racks.

The original racks are used in some cases, or crew are using pr devices

If you are going to make it a Ukranian wagon with a .50 you will need to get the Accurate Armour update as the kit turret is only for a GPMG.

And a Ukrainian radio fits in a British radio rack?

Generic radios… as with the original radios not specifically designed to fit

What is a generic radio?
I’d assume a modern military would want a more secure system in place than a system that one buys in the store.

That’s the problem with assuming

Ok man…

I was going to mount a Russian PKM but didn’t have one in my stash and so I opted to the British equivalent to the american M240

In cases like this where the vehicles have been fastballed to them to use in the conflict, they will make the kit they use normally fit for purpose, and just adapt and overcome. Also, a lot of kit nowadays is adaptable and be easily modded to use as is

Haha yeah… in the end cable ties will do the trick. Not ideal but doable.

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Lol… How about green army string to keep Ssh Prac in the Proj racks above the radios … Not my best idea and yes … It came back to bite me in the a**e lol … Or rather the middle of the back :see_no_evil::joy:

oh and those rounds being soooo light!!! :grin:

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Lol… I seriously do not have any clue as to what I was thinking … Never again though lol