Meng Husky TSV

Husky TSV

I’ve been eyeing this model since it was released (cause it just looks so cool!) until finally ordering it and boy it did not disappoint!

What surprised me is how big the Husky actually is - for some reason I thought I got myself a slightly bigger SUV - not quite when seen next to a Stryker!

Meng has split the build into nice and logical sections and over the course of few evenings, the whole vehicle is almost ready for painting. I know the radio rack is missing… radios, but this time I’ve opted for an OOB build so I’m happy with it as it is.

The seats in the back have extremely fragile seat belts - I did take extra care when removing them from the sprue, only to lose one arm of each of the seats while priming them (with an airbrush!), but hopefully that won’t be a problem once the interior is closed.

The only change was filling in the holes for the training “lights” on top of the roof as I’m planning on building an operational vehicle.

Actually that’s the one riddle I need to solve now - finding a correct shade of green as I simply like it better than the sand yellow one.

So with the build almost done now, it’s interior time now followed by meticulous masking of the windows which consist of two clear pieces, both of which require a thin black rim - then the doors will be completed.


I’d go with one of the standard Nato green colours from any of the major manufacturers, once dry and weathered it will change anyway. Most people have their favourite brands, I tend to use Tamiya personally for Nato Green,