Meng King Tiger (Henschel Turret) and Interior kits - how to build them

Hi All,

I’m certain this topic has been discussed before, but I’ve had no success in finding same. I have the Meng TS-031 King Tiger and SPS-037 Interior kits, plus a whole lot of aftermarket stuff (Zimmerit, photo etch fenders, Fruil tracks, etc.), but I’ve not found an obvious set of instructions about how to interface the 2 kits, that is, how to do the interior while making sure the exterior build doesn’t get in the way. Does anyone know if there is a way to put these 2 kits together, instruction wise? Sorry to post a question that no doubt has been asked before. Thanks.

This article on the Meng Porsche/Early Turret King Tiger and interior set build might have a few insights.

IPMS king-tiger-porsche-turret-interior-set

Thank you, sir. A bit of help, perhaps, but the majority of it just confirms my concern that there is no singular ‘good’ way to build the tank with the interior and avoid conflicts between the two kits. Darn! I know there is a guy who supposedly puts together instructions for kits that use photo-etch parts, and his instructions include, in proper order, the PE parts. Maybe he does the same for this pair of kits. If so, this might be worth the purchase, to avoid the problems that are sure to surface when trying to do this on a ‘best I can do’ basis.

I think they idea is to build a lot of the interior, paint them, put them in the hull/turret and then weather it.

Dan, agreed…hard to know what to paint when, if the order of assembly isn’t clear at the outset. I will probably display my Tiger II tank, when it’s done, with all the hatches open, and probably won’t spend much, if any, time, in building the interior parts where you can’t see them from an open hatch. I don’t mean having the engine hatches open, just those hatches that the crew would open either during combat or perhaps during a break or at rest. So that’s the interior areas I want to build. I think it’s really cool to be able to look into an open hatch on a model and see all the detail inside, and knowing all the work it took to get the model to look like that, while saving a lot of effort on those areas that you will never see once the model is closed up.

I plan to do a interior like this one day and will get to it soon I hope.

Look at the instructions for the Meng interior set, the should tell you how to install it (and when) into the tank.

I’m currently building a RFM Panzer iv J with full interior. It’s a real head scratcher as to know what order to do things. I’m painting as I go. But that means a lot of start ups for the airbrush.

We need a thread just for interior builds!