Meng King Tiger Tilted Roadwheel fix (Before Assembly)

Multiple people have commented that Mengs King Tigers roadwheels tilt outward at the top and they are not parallel with the hull. The problem is not noticeable until it is too late to be easily fixed. So I did my best Hercule Poirot to find out why and here are my findings.

The problem:

My hull is slightly warped but That’s not part of the issue but is fixable.

I believe it is part C3 and C4. This is the part you glue into the hull that the roadwheels attach to that is causing the issue.

I installed the part so that it fits properly inside the hull

Notice the holes for the roadwheel arms in the hull and the recpticals in parts C3 and C4 do not align properly. C3 and C4 sit too high in the hull.

The Fix:
I believe there are several ways to fix this if you know the problem ahead of time.
The simplest would be to sand the bottom edge of C3 and C4 until the correct hole to receptacle alignment is achieved.


I fixed my Meng kit by shoving it in the corner, followed by yelling creative words and buying a Tamiya kit.
Never been happier.

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Ha ha :laughing: :rofl: :laughing: :rofl:
Know the feeling!

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