Meng Leo 2A4

After long break and some rebuilding, due to damage it sustained when I was in conscription, I present Meng Leopard 2A4.
Long story short, bits of skirt went missing, roght mirror broke off and some other minor damage.
Skirts were replaced by older style ones and weathering spiced up a bit, nothing too fancy.

Also, this is continuation of thread on old forum.

Some wip pics too.
Base green


As far as it got previously


Looks really nice and the weathering is spot on. Where did you get the replacement skirts from?
The only point I have is the tow cables which look too thin.


The kit comes with two sets of skirts, older and newer style.
The cables are replacement ones from stash, however tiger model mbt revolution i have has cables of same thickness.

Thank you. So the odd thickness (to me) is probably just a visual effect of the pictures. :wink:


Nice build, Karl! I like the camo net around the gun and the weathering, especially the wet effects.

Beautiful build! Thank you for sharing.

All of the pics of it.


Fiddled around with camera a bit, made some decent pics…

Looks mean from front


And a few more…
Better lighting and tad nicer angles (I hope), thats all


Another thing to note, the kit used to come with rope for tow cables but the one I recently ordered came with metal cables, which is good news.

I like it very much, especially the weathering which looks very realistic on the last photos you made.


I like the net on the barrel and the weathering! looks good!

The real thing

The real cables seem to be a little thicker

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Collapsed suspension. Common on Meng 2A4s and their toy suspension. Look at the real thing.

Noticed that and raised afterwards, dont want to glue the just yet.

Did something, a simple base


Somehow I missed this; absolutely love it - camouflage and a base to set the model in context - outstanding. Antennae fitted and chains on the smoke dischargers, superb detail.

Well done Karl.

Hey Karl,

That base is absolutely fantastic! Outstanding idea and result!


I second what Tamás just said. Great result! Kudos, Karl! :+1:

Great build and love the as “you say”, simple base … it gives the Leo a real dynamic feel and I dont know if it was planned or a lucky chance in the process, but I like how you have different soil strata levels to the right of the Leo where grass goes into he soil … very good indeed