Meng Leopard C1 conversion Build

It’s a Monet, but thanks for the complement none the less.

I had a couple seems open up/become glaringly obvious on me while I was painting. I think I’m going to bite the bullet and fill them in and repaint. I’ve put too much effort into it at this point to get lazy now.

That looks perfect and most impressive . That paint absorbs light.

You’re not kidding. If the finish on this thing was any flatter it would be two dimensional.

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Nice update. It may be the angle but it looks like you’ve attached the fume extractor upside down…it should be raised above the barrel jackets and not sitting lower. Spin it 180 degrees if you can. Too bad the gun crutch went AWOL on you.

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Oh bollox you’re right. I think it should be salvageable though. I’ve already had to get the putty out for a couple of seams that opened so a little surgery on the barrel shouldn’t be a big deal (famous last words)

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Let me start by saying this is an awesome build and the work you put into it is top notch!! Also the paint work is turning out super.

I really hate to bring this up… But It looks like the barrel is upside down and should be rotated 180 degs



And no need to be sorry, you’re right. Fear not though. It was a mercifully easy fix.

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Awesome!! Happy to hear it was an easy fix. This really is a great build and I looking forward to further painting and weather.
:+1: :nerd_face: :+1:

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Lovely Dio Jason … Where did you get those Fig11 targets from ? Very nice touch :+1:

Thanks…the Figure 11 target were from Maple Leaf Models…out of production now. I scratch built the square anti-tank target.

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I agree it adds that little touch of realism. Reminds me of rolling down a battle run on Hohne ranges co-axing fig 11 groups.

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Got camo and some fiddly paint done over the last couple days.

National markings and call signs are on. I misjudged the reference photo I was using and kinda botched the height of the maple leaves.

Also got the winter camo done today. Quite happy with how it turned out.

Comments welcome before I put the clear coat on and move onto washes and weathering


Winter cam looks perfect for a crew applied job. Looks spot on👍

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Don your painting stage is done man. Nice base coat and that winter camo looks fantastic. I love the brush strokes in the whitewash - looks like a crew (a tiny crew) really did it.


The white was looks good. I like how it’s only been applied to the vertical surfaces. :+1: :+1:

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So if an enemy soldier was REALLY tall he could spot the tank.

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Thanks for the love everyone.

My white isn’t 100% true to the photos I have. Here it looks a lot heavier and neater than what I’ve gone for.

It’s still obviously crew applied though and I was worried that if I went to opaque it would start to look out of scale. So I’m shooting for more End EX rather than Start.

This is the tank that I’m roughly modeling. You can see here than things have started to fade so this paint was obviously susceptible to wear.

@Armorsmith, @Jason_Bobrowich my knowledge of camo was a brief lecture once and jamming some sticks in
my helmet net. Is there a doctrinal reason camo would only go on the vertical surfaces?


I wondered about the colour but I chalked it up to vintage photographs. Looks like it’s back into the spray booth…

@recceboy , I’m not going to argue but that sure looks like a B. If it’s not a B, could it be a D? That would be an easy enough fix. Or could the tank just be out without the dozer?


Your 13B call sign is fine. The dozer tank in a Leopard C1 Squadron was only in the Squadron Headquarters Troop (SHQ) using call signs 16, 26, and 36 in A, B, and C Sqns respectively.

Here is call sign 16 in Germany in the early 1990s with the 8CH.


Jason’s answer is correct for the dozer callsigns with one per Squadron in the SHQ. One per troop would have been really nice but it wasn’t to be.

In your picture, the callsign 13B denotes the third vehicle (B) of the third troop (3) in A Sqn (1). You won’t find a Delta callsign in a tank troop. You will find one as the junior callsign in the second patrol (2 vehicles) of a recce troop (M113 C&R Lynx) - typically a troop leader plus 3 two-car patrols. In higher formations (Brigade, Division, etc) a recce troop could be larger. Hope that made sense.

I’ve been following build and think it looks great. With the effort you’ve put into it, you’re going to end up with a nice looking model. I’m looking forward to your posts.