Meng models f-18 E/f/g

I have all 3 of Meng models f-18 Series of kits and Dxm decals for vx-9.
I do not know to much about the super hornet. The meng kit has the same cockpit for the F and the G.

I’m not sure if this is correct. Quinta models offering the same cockpit set for both the F and the G as well.
All 3 kits use the same front Instrument panel.

Any thoughts?

If Wikipedia is to be believed, it states that 90% of the component between the F/A-18F super hornet and EA-18G growler are common. It goes on to state that most of the differences are in the wing, leading edge and to electronic warfare equipment added where the F model has the 20 mm cannon.

I imagine the cockpits are largely the same

I would agree, the front seat would be the same. Maybe a little more for the E as the pilot takes all the workload. F/G I could see being the same or very close to what we can see and the screens being different.

.OK thank you. Here is my other dilemma, If you don’t put the Pilots in the seats there is no seatbelt detail. So I could buy resin aftermarket seats, or use Quinta models Cockpit sets which come with seatbelts. I have never used these sets before has anybody ? and what is their opinion on their use.

SWAG…the F and G back seats are probably the same. This day and age differences are probably programming. So, unless you can do scale line code… As for seat belts, if you are going canopy down and dont need the details, I’d just go with painted masking tape. Also, there are probably a number of after market F-18 harness or seat sets. E/F/G use the same seat.

Not a reliable source, but these are the cockpit views from Eduard website.


EA-18G (didn’t find a picture of the cockpit assembled, just imagine :wink:)

I’m actually waiting for the G version PEs, I can check with your decals sheet when I get it to compare if you like

Haven’t used Quinta sets yet (about to on my Gaz, have many more F-4,14) but they look great in every build I have seen. You have to decide if you want pilots or not. Then if you care about detail for these projects, add seatbelts. You can use Quinta set, or any other product to make that happen.

Eduard’s cockpit is an older F-18F production block, in the newest one two monitors in the rear seat has been replaced with long vertical screen at seen on PE fret.