Meng Namer command variant blog

I’ve started this kit, and got this far after only a few hours work… Goes together real well.


I’ll be watching…

Hello, I will follow with interest. Are you planning oob or mix and match with windbreaker?
I am planning the windbreaker version.
Good luck, I have built one already, it all goes together like a dream!

Gents, it’s been a poo weekend here, weather-wise… Hence I’ve managed to smash this out and only have a few steps to go. Then the real work starts. Again, nothing to note if you follow the steps for the variety you’re doing. I’ve struggled with the color of the plastic, which may be due to not working at my bench with good lighting. Or that I’m now in the 50plus bracket and need that opti-visor.

Anyways, crack on, I’ll be back at it tomorrow night. Then I’ll start the second one.

Did someone say, ‘Eitan’?

Sorry, DavidJ, an oob this time round, the next one I want to slap on a 30mm RCWS, the MMK one. I just need to source the Merkava 4 drive sprockets that I need.


Hello Kylie, no problem about oob was very tempted myself I like the bar armour and the extra stowage boxes, but the photo of a Pikud in the new Desert eagle book with Windbreaker was too tempting.

Minor progress with a couple of subassemblies completed, a couple of steps closer to a win.

Thankfully most of the parts can be glued from behind the piece they are being fitted to, hiding any glue marks…

On the two rear panels, there are some clear parts I’ve yet to add, which I’ll do one painted.


Ok, I’m not sure where that month went, but there has been some progress…

At steps 26 and 27, I found it easier to glue part C5 to G11 and G12 with G11 and G12 still on the sprue, as the clear parts are very clear, C5 is very small, and goes on in a particular way. Just saved me either feeding the carpet, or spending precious modelling time on my knees looking for parts I needed.

I’ve kept the “doghouse” separate for painting purposes later.

Ok, lunch, then back to it


Wow. This is going to be good . Im settled in with some popcorn and watching

RCWS completed, a minor kit in its own right… Held in place by a polycap, sitting in place until painting.

The gun shield is held in place by a small tab on the left, suffice to say it a fragile. A great subassembly, any mistakes 100% original, I think the ammo box is slightly out of alignment with the chamber.


Closed up the hull, subassemblies are sitting in place.

Now need to go around and check for gaps.


What a beast!
Great looking kit.