Meng Namer

If you follow this link you will see that the Meng kit contains three versions, APC, Trophy, Command.
The command version has this superstructure:



Maybe BarendJan means this kind of doghouse HB83869 IDF APC Nagmachon (Doghouse I) - 1:35 kit

This one indeed. Are these combined with Trophy IRL?

This is a command vehicle with Trophy, although I can’t quiet figure it out whether it has a raised superstructure or not (I think it does).



Great, thank you! It looks in the photo like it is possible to combine these two versions

any idea of the parts count ?

Thanks for posting the photo ReluctantRenegade.
You can just make out the hatch on top of the doghouse. I have this photo, but never noticed Inked5ec28749ed7070f66747e41c276739d6962a91c5 (3)_LI
All we need to know now is does it have the slat armour fitted!!! lol

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The side bins in the Meng kit need to be removed, to be able to fit the Doghouse., as they are on the real thing.


So if I understand correctly all the parts in red need to be removed and no slat armour for the doghouse to be installed? Or do more of the (larger) boxes to the sides need to be removed?

Yes, that is correct. :grin::+1:

Great, thank you for your help!

I’ll be trashing the kit tracks once received…and replace with metal.

As I understand this kit by Meng, the model/series of suspension for this kit is based on the Mk III (Mk IV chassis/tracks not use until after 2012)??

Keeping the kit suspension as is, as far as track replacements go, assuming Mk III metal are used, any particular brand of metal track recommended??

Dear IDF Armor fans

Lots of inaccuracy was spread along this thread.

  1. The Namer HAPC hull is not based on a Merkava hull. It is a new hull with a large access in the back, Mk. 4 suspension, Mk. 3 engine compartment.

  2. The Namer נמ"ר intials stand for an APC based on a Merkava. It also means Leopard.

  3. It is true, like Robert indicated, that the “drawer plan” FSD was based on a Merkava Mk. 1 hull, but this plan was left behind due to the old and inefficient Mk. 1/2 suspension.

  4. The first Namers were 100% produced in Israel, with the Mk. 4 tracks and wider sprocket wheels.

  5. There is NO NAMER that is built from a tank, not a Mk. 3 and not others. All Namers from the first serial production are of NEW production.

  6. Yes, later, the Namers were fitted with the standard Mk. 3 tracks and sprocket wheels. BTW both types of sprockets used the same intermediate “drum”.

  7. When IDF decided with the MOD to build 44 assembly kits in the USA, the chosen main contractor was GDLS. I was sent to the US for 2 years to escort and familiarize the Namer kits to the US industry. GDLS since 2014 is building the welded hull, although they failed in the beginning to produce the hull properly, and the armor steel castings of another firm couldn’t withstand the ballistic tests.

  8. As for now, a 3rd version of the Namer will leave the production line fitted with an MTU engine for similarity of the supply chain with the engine of the Mk. 4.

  9. The “Dog-house” on the Command version is called in Hebrew Chupah = חופה which stands for CANOPY.

  10. I regret that people are inventing new facts from their fertile brain. The era of fairy tales about IDF armor is over, and I recommend using concrete information related to our nice hobby, or at least… inquire.

  11. The Namer is a beautiful vehicle and so is the Meng kit. I think that we all must thank Meng for their passion to do these models as accurate and enjoyable as possible. As their consultant, I know how dedicated their designers are.

Happy modeling!

1. פריט ברשימה


Welcome aboard!
Good to have a true expert around to keep the rest of us straight about the facts :+1: :smiley:

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Thank you Michael. The information you have provided is invaluable.


I would like to thank you for stepping in here and putting my mind at rest on the subject of this model offering from Meng. I also hope to see you join in more often as most of us enjoy seeing your input.