Meng Panther Ausf. G with Air Defense Armour | Armorama™

New Panther Ausf. G early from Meng, with extra armour for air defense.

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I like this, but will it be noticeably better than Dragons rendition, or will it be just another option? I think it is too soon to tell.

I assume that builder preferences play into this question. I personally do not like DML/Dragon. They can be exceedingly complex and difficult, turning off many first timers to the hobby. The Meng Panther kits are easier to build, look exceptional when completed, and the detail is incredible!

Even Tamiya offers tolerable Panther kits (except their “A” version). Italeri offers a nice “G” that offers a comparable build . But DML/Dragon is extremely expensive, difficult to build, and so I steer clear of them.

I built the Dragon version a few years ago,their Panther variants are all pretty good,and this one build up with no problems,my kit even had MT’s.Choice us good,but I will pass,love Dragon German armor.