Meng Panther G with AA armour build

Made a start on the recently released Meng TS-052 Panther G.

Weathering and detail painting next.


Looks a nice clean build Cats … any issues with it up to that point ? Did in benefit from having a 7 part turret or was it a bit over engineered for that part ?
Cam looks good as well, breaks the outline up nicely.

Does it come with the chin mantlet?

No, Meng are using I assume a sprue from an earlier boxing for an Ausf. D or A.

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Thank you John.
The build is easy and the braces to keep the lower hull square are a useful feature.
As regards the turret it goes together with no drama’s as long as you attach the rear plate with the hatch before the sides.
Meng did some research and possibly have copies of Panzerwrecks 1&5 where there are images of the real machine as build option “A” have got some of the details/parts used wrong.
I am happy to explain further if you or anyone else is interested.