Meng Panther Zimmerit

Hello everyone.

I was wondering if any of you fellow modellers have used the Meng decals for the zimmerit coating on their panthers?
My question is…does the model need to be painted/primed before you attach the zimm, or will it stick ok to the regular plastic?
I was thinking of using watered down PVA glue to help the decal from peeling up on the edges, like I have had some people comment on this happening.

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I did. I applied them before painting/priming; had to use CYA to keep them down. I also found the zimmerit behind the road wheels was too small as if it was for a 1/48 kit. Rest of the sheet was 1/35.

Heres a build of the kit with zimm-

Thank you Dan, I have seen that video before, seems Andy had some trouble with them, and he had primed his model first. I have seen YouTube videos doing both, Andy seemed to be the only one complaining about having some difficulties, but most said they have had some problems with the edges peeling, hence I was thinking of using watered down white glue to help keep them down.

There is also a build on Track Link if I remember correctly.
I think thin super glue was used at the edges on that build.

Great article Dan, thank you. I have the early A kit, I guess the newest one released in January. The molding quality seems to be much better then his review model. The plastic is also a light grayish white now. It contains both of the sprues to make an early or late panther A.

I have used white glue spread with a small flat brush and slid the appropriate decal onto the glue. Otherwise, the decal will fall apart and be unusable. The glue acts to hold the decal together. It has proven to work well for me.


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Well I finished the hull and I have to say that I am very happy with the Ming zimmerit decals.


That looks excellent. Have the kit and the decals so am watching your build closely. Truly inspirational stuff.

So happy with Meng’s Panther that I picked up a Jagdpanther, too.

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Well here is the turret…I think it came out great…I had a little trouble with the sides of the mantlet…but all worked out at the end…once again very happy with these decals.


All ready for paint. Now gotta build a Schwimmwagon…while waiting for the rest of my figures to come in the mail.
I will paint both vehicles at the same time.


Nice build so far, and it looks well detailed. The Zimm looks like it fits nicely as well. One thing I would question though, whats the massive item above the mantlet ? Is it supposed to be a rain guard ? I have seen them on a very few late Panther A’s, but never that massive ? or was it specific to the befehlswagens ? Although I have not seen it on those either ?

Hi Johnny, yes it is supposed to be the rain guard… and yes you are correct… it does look out of scale, compared to other pictures I have seen…I did not really notice until you said something. I liked the look of the rain guard on the mantlet, but I think I am going to have to find a PE or more in scale plastic one, as I will have to hide the glue marks when I take this one off.


Just thought it worth mentioning it. Also, I looked through about an awful lot of type A images earlier, and out of about 80 or a few more, I only saw about 3 A’s that MAY of had a rain guard… might be worth looking into it more to see if they were fitted … I had only ever seen confirmed ones on G’s ??

I have seen a couple pictures of them on A’s…but after I get it off hopefully I can sand down the glue marks, maybe I will put a little tarp over it if I cannot get rid of the marks. The picture I was going off of, the tank also does not have a rain guard on it…not sure what I was thinking…lol.

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Took some delicate surgery…but it came out good…I was very nervous I was going to ruin the model.
Thx for your tip.


Nice fix. Looks good :+1: :+1: