Meng T-90 in progeess

So, taking advantage of the easiness of adding photos and posting for my mobile, here you have my work so far on Meng’s T-90 with Miniart KMT-7 mine sweeper.

Sorry for poor quality of photos, taken with desktop lamp and mobile…

Comments are welcome!


Very nice-how did you find the miniart kit?

Really nice weathering. Perfect!

Another one on my To-Do list!

Very nicely done, sir! :sunglasses:

:beer: :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks for your comments!

MiniArt KMT-7 is a kit by itself, probably it has more parts than some Italeri models… Fit is fine, no big troubles.

However adapting it to Meng’s kit took some work, the upper hull attachments were easy and straightforward to add, but the lower ones were a pain. Maybe it was my fault because I should have not fit the tank´s dozer blade until the mine sweeper was in place.
The two control rods from deck to the lower attachment did not fit well either, had to be bent.

Other than that, it was a nice model.

And Meng’s kit is a joy, excellent details and fit.