Meng Technical

This was a quick build. Couple of hours for assembly and 2-3 days for painting and weathering.
The truck was very easy but the gun was fiddly. Couple of tiny tiny PE parts and the whole assembly is rather fragile. OOB except for the bolts securing the legs of the gun platform to the bed of the truck.

Did most of the weathering with AB after an overall sand wash.
Thanks for looking.


Nice job Sir!

Very nice. Great job on it.

The weathering really tops this off nicely, its into every crevice and panel line and it looks natural. The off color hood and the areas of rust add to the feel of a well used vehicle.

One of the most interesting interpretations of the Toyota with a cannon theme. I like it very much. Perfectly dusty.

Great build and the weathering is outstanding!

Yes excellent job. Dusted up perfectly. Gotta get one of those

Looks so good that I want to pull mine out of my stash,I do like mis matched hood.

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That looks great! Nice job!