Meng Whippet tank

Here are a few pics of my almost complete Meng Whippet tank. This is my 1st WW1 Afv I have built. It was an interesting build due to having to bend some of the crew compartment plates and then glue to the other bent ones. That and the sensitivity of the track pins were the only issues, maybe moreso due to my lack of experience than engineering design. Otherwise it has been a great kit to build and highly recommended.

All that’s left to do is dirty it up a bit as I have only added pigments to the tracks so far.


Very well done! I have this kit in my stash. Someday …

Thank you. It’s been an on and off build but am glad to achieve a decent finish.

Just a note, as I have read on reviews prior to starting and during building, I had to add an extra track link to each side to the amount the instructions said. Lucky you get 6 or so spare links.

It looks really good, great job. I was dubious about the folding plastic parts when I built it, but it works quite well. One thing I found curious is that the instruction sheet tells the story of “The Musical Box”, the Decal sheet includes most of the markings (sans serial number), but it is not listed as one of the finishing options.

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Oh, very nice!

Can’t wait to see it finished, but what you’ve got here right now looks great.

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Thanks Albert. I agree, it does work well once you get your head around it and it does take a lot of dry fitting with the roof to make sure you have the angles correct.

Very true about the addition of the Musical Box decals. Strange that this option isn’t included as an option in the instructions. But I must say, the decals are of excellent quality.

Thanks for the comments Michael.

Hopefully I can get a bit more done over the next few days. I also need to add the tow cables on the lower hull sides before weathering.

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I have added pigments to create the effect of dried mud, I haven’t gone too crazy as it will hide a lot of detail. Some minor refining of the weathering is needed.

The tow cables have been added and are the kit provided metal tow cables.


Very nice build. This kit has been on my radar and it’s good to see it can be made up to a nice standard.

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Thanks Digger,

The kit is great to build and comes together very quickly as its quite boxy. On the decal sheet from memory there are options for german and russian? markings if I remember correctly, but these aren’t on the decal option instructions.

This is the 1st Meng kit I’ve built and have been very impressed with the molding quality and kit engineering. Highly recommend kit.

I have just added some light dried mud to the mud chutes on both sides of the tank. I am quite happy with the finish and weathering.