Meng's Jeep With The Different Guns

Their MB Jeep comes with a choice of .30 caliber or .50 caliber machine guns. Question is, what would such Jeeps be used for, and why one gun over the other?

Just as an example: The IDF went from .50 cal. to .30 cal. and 7.72 on many of their roof mounted guns simply because the fi’ty was overkill in most cases. Using a smaller caliber that still gets the job done allows for far more ammo storage in a given amount of space, which is generally sparse in any military vehicle.

Question is, what would such Jeeps be used for…

On the Rat Paltrol the fi’ty (along with a well thrown grenade or two) could disable half tracks and M47 tanks. Not sure the .30 cal. would have been up to the task.


It was TV. I am surprised they were not knocking out tanks with a .45 cal. I can just imagine how bad it had to be to hold onto the .50 cal while jumping the jeep over a sand dune.