Merkava 1 prototype?

I found this tin ypic on my HD. Merkava 1 with M48 turret?
Merkava 1_0 (7)


That gets my attention . Do you have any more reference on it?

Sorry but no. Maybe Reluctant Renegade can chime in?

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Very brief mention in Dr. Manasherob’s “Merkava Siman 1 Tanks in IDF Service, Part 1”. Also a small pic from above (page 17). This is the first functioning hull, made from cutting up a Shot that was damaged from the 6-Day War. It had different turrets over time, including the M48 turret.

Sabingamartin Books

about a quarter way down this page:


I have the old Tamiya Merkava kit. Why not adding an M48 turret and a 105mm L7?

yeah, go for it.

Probably a a modified Centurion hull as well.

A heavily modified Sho’t hull was used to test the engine forward concept with the tank actually travelling ‘backwards’.

This is wooden Merkava mock-up based on a Sho’t hull:


The one in the OP’s picture though is already a purpose built hull (for testing the engine, suspension and transmission I guess), with an M48 turret added as a counterweight. Probably converted from a Sho’t hull.

That’s how a ‘proper’ Merkava prototype looks like:

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I think so too.