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I discovered Armorama and was blown away by the hobby. I immediately started making my own diorama. I built and painted an 1/72 scale Israeli Merkava tank and made a diorama for it.

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Hi Werner,
If that’s one of your first builds then you’re off to a great start. As you’ve discovered, Armorama is a great place to learn more and build on your skills. My top tip is to look for references - photos of the vehicle and landscape you are building. They can be an inspiration and help with making your models look as authentic as possible. Welcome to the hobby! Now be prepared to obsess about tiny pieces of plastic and shades of green, brown, yellow and grey. :joy:

Thanks for the encouragement. You are right about the obsession. All I see now are mistakes and ‘whats ifs’. It’s great to be part of this community!

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Welcome Werner and nice little intro build and dio for the Merkava. Hope you enjoy your time now you are here, and hope to see more builds from you soon :+1:
There are various tutorials you can find here about how the site works and hopefully that will make things a bit easier for you . :+1:

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Welcome aboard.

It’s all part of the process and we have all done it. Some of us still do (this guy), take what you have learned and apply it to your next project. Depending on fast you build you can post photos along the way and folks can give you help. What’s your next project?

I love that part of fun is learning. I just finished a (what I believe at the moment) great cobblestone street with all the trimmings, but unfortunately the model I’m building, painting and placing is a Warhammer 40K tank that I got as a gift. I know this isn’t really the place for that. I am also finishing a Masterbox set of figures with a desert diorama, but after these two its back to model tanks and I’m going all in with WW2 armor! :partying_face:

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Werner, those are fine to show here as well in the different sub sections of Sci Fi/ Fantasy About the Sci-Fi/Fantasy category and the figures section . Ryan @tank is running a figures campaign right now, so maybe you could put some post in there ??

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Nice job on that merkava and diorama Werner and welcome aboard!

I agree. @Werner88 you can go here for the campaign.

Just need one photo before building/slight started ok, one photo along the way and one completed photo posted in that thread.

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Thanks, I just posted by the figures and will do the same with the Sci-fi soon. Outstanding comunity! :nerd_face:


Thank you very much! Loving it… :smiley:

Werner, just a very quick note about doing things and what you can do etc.

Like I said, look for the tutorials and read through some of those and that will really explain things and how the site works.

The site sort of works on trust levels which increase as to the more things you do, like, read posts, reply to posts, reply in other posts and sub sections, how many times you visit the site,post images and include links etc etc. Once you get the general hang of it, the site will become easier for you understand and do things.
It also has a very good admin team and moderators who can help out when needed.


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Thanks allot

I had a look and appreciate the professionalism, my kind of hangout. I had a look around as well and didn’t realize there where so many branches of this awesome tree. Having a blast.

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