Merkava IID Engine/Transmission Photos Request

I am looking for photos of the engine/transmission (up close) of a Merkava Mk 2D. I am building the new Border Models Merkava Mk 2D and I am hoping that someone has these photos and would share them with me. Abteilung has a book “Their Last Path IDF Tank Wrecks” Merkava Mk I & 2 and there are photos of exactly what I need. However, I cannot justify spending $60 plus shipping for a book that I just need a few photos of. I have looked the Internet over and l have not been able to find any up close of the engine and transmission. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Is this one of them (I’m no Merkava expert :roll_eyes:) ?



The top photo might be from a Merkava 3 because of the different transmission

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Hey, I have the same model as you. I also bought the book you referred to in your post. The book is fantastic for anything external but nothing fantastic for internals. I will look again for pics of the motor etc. But don’t recall anything super useful. Cheers Gnome.

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