Merkava Mk. 3 Baz colors

Hi All.

I have one of the early Meng Merkava tanks, the Merkava Mk. 3 Baz with mine roller. I’ve built several Meng IDF tanks previously, but looking at the 2 marking options, I see that their suggestion is for 2 different colors. I know the Baz was first fielded in 1990, and by that time, i thought that all IDF armor was in a standard IDF sand grey color. However, one of the markings shows a decidedly tan color. Does anyone know the significance of the different color suggested for this tank?

Meng went for the different color option so as to replicate the difference between the shade used until the early 90’s and the later one. I would not bother over that and use whatever color I have at my disposal unless you have a photo of the specific vehicle.

Here is a snapshot of a photo shared by Michael Mass comparing the two shades and the equivalent Vallejo Model Air codes.


Many thanks for the response, Years ago, I’d spent a great deal of time trying to replicate the current sand grey using mixtures of Tamiya paints, and during that time, I was aware of the earlier IDF color. I just didn’t think it would have applied to a Mk. 3 Merkava. Thanks again!

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