Merkava Mk.3 Baz queries

I am in the process of working on Revell’s (rather old) kit of the Merkava Mk.3 Baz (in 1/72 scale).
Aware that there are certain errors and omissions in the kit, I am hoping to rectify these, and add
details appropriate to this particular version.
I recently came across images of a 1/35-scale model of the Mk.3 Baz (circa. 1995), and noticed
some features that puzzled me:
On the rear of the turret is a large device that reminds me of a ‘StarWars’ droid. I
understand that this is part of the ‘Trophy’ system (or perhaps I am totally wrong on that), and that
it was only fitted to later versions of the Merkava… The term ‘Windbreaker’ springs to mind.
Also the model in question has a vertical mast located on each of the four corners of the hull. The modeller refers to these as additional antennas. Why would the vehicle require a total of six antennas;
two on the turret, and four on the hull? Am I correct in thinking that the hull-mounted items are actually vehicle width indicators?
Clearly, my knowledge of the Merkava is somewhat limited … no doubt someone will be able to put me right on these points.



Yes they are width indicators.

Is this the droid you are looking for?

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Do you mean this device?

If you do, then this is the rather mysterious ‘Droid’, that has nothing to do with the Trophy/Windbreaker APS. It is some kind of alert and/or soft kill system designed to neutralize incoming ATGMs that remains classified. It is installed on various IDF AFVs, not just tanks. It dates back around 10 years, definitely not to 1995. As matter of fact, I have seen droids on Merkava Mk.2B/Ds, Mk.4s but never on Mk.3s.

P.S. Nikos beat me to it :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree, no droid on the MkIII. One can usually see a different setup on MkIII

You are. These are designed to help the TC when maneuvering in confined (urban) environment.

Thankyou all for your helpful responses.
A classic case of not relying on the interpretation
of other modellers; if in doubt, check other sources.


There was actually a device called “Ra’am Sagol” (Purple Thunder) installed on certain Mk.3s that dates back to 1995. It has been declassified just a few years ago. The builder might’ve confused the Droid with that.

You mean this?

No. I think that’s Elbit’s “EoShield”, a relatively new device seen on other AFVs too.

What I mean is this:

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