Merkava MK IV Help

I have the old Hobbyboss Merkava Mk IV #82429 in the stash, and am thinking about starting it relatively soon. This is the kit that has the incorrect suspension placement on the hull tub. I seem to recall that somebody posted a diagram detailing how to correct this issue somewhere. I thought I had it bookmarked, but alas I do not. Does anyone know where remember seeing this or know where I might find this correction? Many thanks in advance.


Ahhhh the last gig I did for hobbyboss. I’d sent them the correct information for the suspension but they, on their own Accord decided to make it torsion bar… SMH. Plus they were told by someone else that torsion bars were correct but that person also publicly threw me under the bus by saying I got it wrong until I posted the emails to and from hobbyboss. ( He still writes books on the IDF).
Now if you’re going to build it remember that this kit is based of the first production prototype that was on display at latrun, and noth on a unit that was in use after testing. So instead of spending tons of time redoing the suspension build a base that has it hull down in a prepared fighting position or wading through mud in the Golan heights…
I’d go with another kit and strip the HB kit of it’s better parts.