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Merkava Mk.IVM with roof-mounted slat armor representing vehicle from ongoing Gaza strip conflict.

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Very smart of Meng’s part.

If I hadn’t purchased a Meng Merkava IV w/Trophy & aftermarket PE for this a few months ago, I’d definitely buy this new kit.

A+++ for Meng

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I wish they would sell the cage separately.

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Already have the aftermarket cage…pass.

Or get the cage 3D printed, Dan.

Aftermarket is already available… I have two in my stash.

Heavy Hobby Lanmo LM-35106 1/35 Israel Merkava MK.III IV Tank Top Grille Armor - Picture 1 of 3


Hi @CAC Carlos, welcome to the forum.

I purchased the Lanmo aftermarket item you mentioned. Several of the more knowledge members of IDF armor pointed out the way it attached to the Merkava isn’t accurate. I’m OK with that since I already have the item, just wanted to share a heads up if you haven’t purchased it.

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Do you make one James? I’ve seen the PE set and am not a fan of these large pieces.

I’ll PM you later. I also want to give you an update on M3 stuff.


I did notice that they attachment area needs some work to make it accurate (should not be too difficult to make something that looks good), but definitely good that you mentioned this so that others are aware.


I have the same “problem”.


They could have at least made it Mk.4 400 with the optical sensors on the Trophy. Unless they add them on the kit during production

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Tetra Modelworks will launch the cope cage in photoetched part

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