Merkava variants reference

Merkava 3. 120mm gun, vertical turret sides.

Merkava 3 Ramak is the first variant. Early Merkava 3 tanks also did not feature roof armor.


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The vehicles later received roof armor and other upgrades

Merkava 3 Baz. The major upgrade was the Baz FCS. The main differences are the taller gunner’s sight, the loader has a round hatch and there is a covered sight in front of the commander’s hatch that looks like a fez. Other minor differences can be seen of the shape of the engine deck, the details of the grilles, the position of the crosswind sensor and the turret roof hatches.

The final version of the Merkava 3 is the Dor Dalet. It has additional armor on the turret. There are two “types” of armor

the earlier one which has a distinct step on the armor modules of the turret lengthwise

and the later one: