MERT/ 9 Liner

I’m one of those who can never have just one on the go… Next project underway


Working on the other players and general layout

Apogies for the quality of pics, camera phone is all that’s currently available.

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not happy with the Gecko heads so swapping them out for some resin replacements- just awaiting their arrival for the medics, and may use some Hornet heads from the stash for the secret squirrel types…

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Red Zebra heads primed and base coated. Probably going to use only 2 with domes for the MERT chaps and go bare-headed for the 2nd secret squirrel.

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looking forward for the next steps.
can you post some photo’s from the Gecko heads, to have any idea of the quality.

Hi Jan, here you are. Nothing wrong with them per-sey. They just weren’t working for me tbh.

Thanks, made me mind buying the kit but faces are imported for a figure so I was a little surprised by your comment.

Grtx Jan

Time for a bit more base work:
Random gravel and grit patches attached and then painted with a variety of stone and sand coloured acrylics. Washed with enamel filter (for wood of all things) and then dry rushed with some more light acrylics. Some different shades of grass tufts secured in place with CA. Not quite finished but approach a place I’m happy with.

As always comments, suggestions etc graciously welcomed