Messerschmitt Bf-109 G-6 Tamiya 1/72

Please consider this Bf-109 I built. I am happy with it and really enjoyed the build but would like some constructive feedback. Kind Regards. (I lost the antenna whilst trying to fix it with my tweezers and I am thinking about scratch building a replacement)


Looks very good to me. The only suggestion I would make is to perhaps apply a matt varnish as the paint is pretty glossy. But how you finish it is completely up to you :smiley: Good to see a model aircraft with wheels up :smiley:

Thank you, that is very helpful about the matt varnish.

Those eyes are kind of creeping me out :-). I think it looks great. Tell me about the mounting stand you use. I like wheels up a lot also. Finding pilots to put inside wheels up planes seems to be harder than it should be.

Thank you.

For the mounting stand I bought on eBay these 32mm round bases that are more commonly used for Warhammer 40k (image 1). I also bought these 2.5mm styrene strips from my local hobby shop (see image 2). Using a 2.5mm drill bit I made a hole on the base and the bottom of my model (image 3). Then gave a coat of Tamiya X-1 Black with my airbrush.

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