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While I’m a full time gear head these days, I do stop by my old stomping grounds here at Aeroscale to see what’s going on. And when I see one of your excellent reviews, I still actually take the time to read it. And your review of Special Hobby’s Bf 109E-4 Emil is certainly one of your best.

Great overall look at the kit and it’s various offerings. The amount of detail they’ve “stuffed” into a little 1/72 scale kit truly amazes me, coupled with your excellent photography really makes it easy to see what you’re referring to.

What to me has always been a important part, if not the most important part of your kit reviews, is that you dry fit/tape the major parts of the kit together. That way we get to know just how good or bad of a kit it is, and what additional work will be needed.

In today’s model kit making world, all kits with the aid of computer design right through mold making have excellent added details, but whether all of this fits, and if the build is logical is often over looked. You’ve always taken the approach to go the extra mile and make sure it is.