Mexican Armor in recent clashes

Saw this the other day. Claims it is Mexican Armor being deployed during the clashes in Sinaloa. Certainly looks like Leopard 2 to me. I did not think Mexico had any Tracked MBT in their inventory. If you look at the video, it looks like a woman in a Burqa crosses the street a few times. I think this is video out of Turkey at some time… Thinking that the Sun got spoofed by someone.

The original video and story is here:

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Look like Indian Arjun MBTs to me. I could be wrong.

News agencies pull file photos constantly and frequently have no idea what they are doing, nor do they care.

A few examples spring to mind: a Chinese Type 62 light tank ID’d as a T-55 in Time magazine. Okay, that can happen.

Most glaring was an article in the late 1990s in Time or Newsweek that supposedly illustrated Khmer Rouge (in FANK tiger stripe camo!) with Lon Nol government soldiers (in pajamas!) behind a government M-113.

Well, ANYONE here would know that was entirely reversed. I faxed the magazine and they were actually quite indignant about it.

Even Soldier Of Fortune got sloppy, such as the purported Russian volunteer in Bosnia cover photo whose headband had the Iranian Tawhid symbol on the center of his headband.

Or when the same magazine auctioned off a post-invasion “captured Grenadian flag” that was actually the flag of the defunct West Indies Federation (1958 - 1962).

I’ve worked as a journalist. A lot of staff are kids more interested in self-consciously clever writing than accuracy. They don’t know any better.


As far as I am aware, the Mexican military has no tanks of any kind

Mexico has no tanks but it does have Panhard ERC-90 armored cars.

And you can get it in 35th-

But can it be made useful, in Mexico’s fight to suppress cartel violence?