MG 3 Machine Gun - vehicle-mounted variant (2 pcs) | Armorama™

New from CMK comes a pair of highly detailed 3D-printed MG 3 machine guns.

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A detailed (and affordable!) alternative to the blobs o’ plastic weapons usually found with the Revell Bundeswehr vehicle kits.

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As seen on a Norwegian Armored vehicle. Notice the blank adapter and plastic tipped blanks.

most of the 3d printed kits I’ve bought take far too long to clean up and are often warped and don’t straighten like resin does. The only company I trust now is Trex Studio.

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Does somebody here know the actual difference in use between the two buttstocks. If i’d have to guess i’d say that the newer plunger-like one is for vehicle-mounted guns only and allows to lean a little more into the gun and toward the iron sights while standing upright? Since i got my hands on guns with the classic buttstock when i served back in the day i have no clue.

One for dismounted infantry, the other one for AFVs. The short stocked one is also used on remotely operated gun turrets, like the CROWS II.

MG3 on a German FL100 remote weapons system on a Dingo armored vehicle.