MG Buster Gundam

Hey y’all!

I see that this sub doesn’t get much love so I am gonna try and give it some. I think gunpla has a key part to play in the future of this hobby. The kits Bandai produce today are second to none. From having to use no glue, very clear instructions, pre-colored plastic, near perfect fit, no flash, guarantees a great looking model OOB.

Buuut I wanted to try my hand at my first full repaint and clean (no weathering) paint job since I got my airbrush.

I went with a charcoal, light grey, and yellow color scheme for the armor. I chose gun metal for the inner frame and weapons. I effing love how it turn out!

I couldn’t bring myself to put many decals on, so I hit the hot spots lol. I kinda like the minimal look.

Thanks for looking!