MG3 feed tray

Anybody know if the MG3 feed tray is different between infantry use and tank mounted? I’m looking at this NM135 mount and it looks like something you could hang a bag off of like an M60 but tank mounts seem to be simpler feed tray.

It is the same, at least in Norway.


Any idea how the MG3 belt lays on the NM135?

Seems to be rather twisty in a small amount of space.

It does not usually feed like on your drawing. The Mg-3 was fed using a 200 round ammo box witch clip on the left side of the- MG-3. The ammo was stored in 200 round cardboard boxes wrapped in in a rather thick sealed rubber/plastic box. To reload the mg you removed the plastic wrapping and dropped the cardboard box in the ammo box and loaded the mg as usual. On most picture you would not see the ammo box, but rather 50 rounds henging loose like on your drawing. The whole setup was a POS if I remember correctly.

From the manual, loading procedure

Storage of ammo