MH-60A/L Black Hawk Info - Op Gothic Serpent, "Black Hawk Down", Somalia '93

Since KitMaker is moving to a new platform, I wanted to link back to the archived site to still have these resources available.

Here is the link to the Op Gothic Serpent MH-60A/L Black Hawk info thread.


Glad you brought this one Gino, I was looking in on this on the other site. Some amazing research, and the film is a fav of mine. I’ve heard people mention inaccuracies in it, but you only have to watch it to get the feel for it and some of the selfless acts the men did and sacrifices they made.

Hey, I was the original crew chief of both Heavy Metal’s 908 and 887, they transferred 908 to C Company, from D Company, in exchange for 887. 50 writeups later i had a decent aircraft. I said they couldn’t take my Aircraft name. I transferred the cowlings. As you see 908 never got renamed.

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Welcome aboard Sid. It’s great to have an OGS alum check in.

I hope you approve of my version of “Heavy Metal”: AeroScale :: MH-60A "Super 65" Gothic Serpent, Somalia '93

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