Michael Wittmann Tiger 1 Question

Hi Gang,
I am planning on building a vignette of Michael Wittmann sitting on the gun barrel of
the Tiger1 tank, as seen in photos.
My question is what production Tiger 1 would be appropriate and what number would
it have had.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Wittman’s last Tiger 007 was a late model.

I built a Dragon version,very enjoyable,I did add Spade Ace metal tracks.

Thanks, Anthony!

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The Tiger from that photo was new and as far as I know it had not been numbered yet.

It was a Late Tiger.



Thank you, David!

The tank features the monoscopic sight TZF 9c for the gunner an zimmerit couting. The KFF-2 binocular drivers vision device is deleted.
Wittmann was killed in August 1944.
So it must have been produced between Febrary and Juli 1944.

AFV Club No. AF35079 represents the right details, but comes without zimmerit.
Dragon No. 6383 + Cyber Hobby No. 6610 seem to be choices too. And they come with zimmerit.

Sorry, no refs regarding the turret number.

Happy modelling

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Thank you Harald for the extra info.

Dragon kit 6253 was supposed to make this vehicle or the one he used at Villers-Bocage and the box art clearly showed the VB Tiger as “212” passing a burning Allied halftrack. DML correctly labelled it a “Late Production” vehicle. When the kit came out there was still some contention over the turret number of the actual VB tank; the DML instructions specified “205” for 6th June 1944, “231” for July 1944 and “212” for VB. The kit included a figure of the man himself, but no Zimmerit, you had to take care of that yourself. Transfers and antennae storage were included for “007”, so theoretically you could do all of his last mounts from this kit. I opted to try and do the vehicle in the famous photo, neatly sidestepping the VB issue and I used “205” as the turret number since as CO of 2 Kp that was supposed to be his vehicle and it features in the famous footage showing the unit moving up along a winding road.

Thank you very much for this additional info!

Sprue bros currently has a 15% off RFM weekend sale. The RFM tiger I late comes with a marking for Whitmans white 007 and has the parts that make it unique

Thanks for that info

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I got RFM’s M1A2 and it is a great kit. The Tiger should be very good if the same attention to detail is there.

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Thanks, Greg

I have the Tiger i mentioned in my stash and it looks excellent. Super crisply molded. Only downside is you need to do your own zimmerit; but they do supply the tool for doing it

Does Atak make a set of zimm for it? If so I would go that route if it is the same pattern.

I used standard Humbrol filler and the Tamiya PE Zimmerit rakes on “6253”. I think it came out OK, but possibly not heavy enough.

yes, they do.

Go with the ATAK and life will be happy.

Wittmann was in Tiger 222 in Villers-Bocage since 007 was being worked on.


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He may have been in 222, since he took over the mount of Kurt Sowa, who was the commander of that number tank. But not because 007 was under repair. 007 was the tank of the battalion commander, von Westerhagen and Wittman didn’t use it until von Westerhagen left the battalion, leaving Wittman temporarily in charge. Wittman’s normal tank as CO of 2nd Company was 205.

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