Micro Gloss Cleaner?

For any users of Micro Gloss/Micro Flat, what do you use to clean your airbrush afterwards? They recommend dunking the airbrush in 3” of a water/detergent solution in a container and spraying that through the AB. Does anybody here use some off the shelf stuff to clean their airbrush afterwards? Windex, Simple Green, Lacquer Thinner, Isopropyl Alcohol, or some other stuff?

I haven’t used those products in my air brushes, but if I did I’d probably try Windex through the air brush.

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Same thought as Mark but when I use Windex I also spray IPA or (medea airbrush cleaner or Ultimate Airbrush cleaner) through after to remove any Windex chemicals to prevent pitting or other damage.


Yeah, some neutral inert liquid after the cleaner is a good idea. Just to be sure.

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