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New Bailey Bridge at 1/72, suitable for a Sherman Tank

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A million times better than the old Airfix kit.

Alright! WOW, Kudos, Fantastic!

You did an amazing job in 1/72nd so when will it be available in 1/35th?

FYI ~ longer bridge sections than this were PUSHED, on rollers across streams and gaps BY HAND! (A lot of hands but still manually pushed, no Shermans require)

I would suggest, for 1/35th scale you simply make all the standard Bailey bridge components matching the real thing. Make them available separately in packs of X number of pieces and let us buy however much we need.

For long term tank traffic use, each truss side really should be double row (side by side) truss. Also sometimes a second row of trusses were stacked on top of the first for even greater strength. (As seen below)

British Engineer, Donald C. Bailey with his design:

images copy

Picture 5

That up-turned “ski tip” will simply be dismantled once the bridge is in place and those parts recycled into the next bridge structure.


165thspc, the bailey could be configured into triples and quads also and probably someone has tried more. https://pin.it/5nA0zKC. https://pin.it/2sp4WUh.

more bailey pics. https://pin.it/1dvjHJ8. https://pin.it/1T087Be

more bailey. https://pin.it/DVFFx7p

There are a rich multitude of Bailey Bridge historical reference photos online.

One bit of Bailey Trivia:
The British company that now owns and still manufactures Bailey components to be shipped around the world also provided the bridge structure for the “Alamo Bridge” seen at the end of “Saving Private Ryan.” (Not a Bailey Design.)

Lots of questions that I will try to answer.
The bridge will be built in 1/35 scale soon.
Remember that this is a large project with 7 sections is about 600mm.
I like the idea of ​​making sections and ordering sets, the base = 2 sections, and the next elements such as feet, additional sections, ramps, boarding for the version embedded on the edges, etc. selected separately.
Yes, there are many configurations of this bridge and it is impossible to create everything, but maybe sets of separate elements will solve this problem in both scales.
Regards Microworld

I think modules is the way to go for you. I’m in!

Could you also consider 1/48 please?

I can’t find pricing for this on your site. Got a link?

Here you have it, the price is on the title together with the reference and scale: