Middle East Technical

This is the Meng kit OOB except for some of the small details. Wanted to show a well worn vehicle hence the replacement door and the dents and sings in the body along with some rust. Some things you ma not be able to see are a water bottle on the passengers seat with an AK and a water bottle on the dashboard on the drivers side.

Thanks for looking.


Another great build DV!
The dust and rust look especially nice.

That is spectacular . all the small details make it.

Looks great. Are you going to add it to a base?

I’ll put it on a base when I take it to a show.

Thanks all for the comments.


Another little gem there DV.

to realize water bottle i suggest you to use trasparent spue fix on drilling machine and shape with a file
not too difficult

Really nicely observed version of this kit. The mismatched door is a real nice touch that adds a nice pop of body color but I have to really compliment you on the weathering. You’ve got it looking truly sand-blasted where it gets into every little crevice and stays there!

Technical? You call that a Technical! THIS is a technical:




I bet there won’t be much glass when the main gun goes off

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My new goal in life is to at some point build that… :grin:


Peak engineering

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Those guys had to grew up as Olimpic Level Scratchbuilders rather than OOB modelers…

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Good painting and weathering, quite realistic.

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ESCI did a 1/32 scale Volvo truck many moons ago. This may be a base for for that super gun truck.

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Excellent build and weathering, love it.