Mig-31 Zvezda 1/72

Hello, scale modellers.
On the desk is a new project that’s beeen waiting for a long time now to bo done. So I decidded to go on with Zvezda MiG-31 in 1/72 scale. No aftermarket parts just a Begemot decal sheet (72-046) for markings.

This is the plane I’m goint to build; MiG-31DZ 530th Fighter Aviation Regiment, Chuguevka airport.

As usual the cockpit is the first thing to check from the list so…


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Hi Primož,

I really like those scratch built additions to the instrument panels… looks like an excellent start. Its always impressive to see details of that sort added in this scale. Keep it up :+1: Cant wait to see the cockpit in that turquoise paint!


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Cockpit is painted…

…and weathered.




Your cockpit looks great, I’m pulling up a chair and following along.

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Thanks Littorio!

So next the cockpit was glued together.

Main wheel bay needed some attention. Nothing fancy just to fill the empty space.


Looking good, Primož!

What are you using to attach the wire details? Extra thin CA? Thanks.

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Yes I use usual liquid CA Glue. Wires are brass 0,1mm and solder 0,3mm.


Looking great.

How is the overall fit and level of detail?

I am considering one of these kits to make an Iraqi marked version that was shot down by an Iranian Tomcat in the 80’s.

It caused much distress to the Russians as they had assumed it would be immune to intercepting,

Regards jason

Well it fits like a glove, exept you have two different gloves in size and color :slight_smile:

It’s not so bad afterall. Panel lines are engraved, but they are to wide and deep. Tkey look like “panzergraben”. :slight_smile: Depth is’nt to much problem but the width is. Plastic parts fom my kit were slightly warped and had oil stains all over. In contours It looks fairly OK. Wheel wells need some atention. This can also be aplied to the exhaust which is designed verry rudimentary. Main shape of the body is not made in two pieces as usual but breaked down in several parts. This is problem when trying to build the fuselage that must be symetric. Tere are many aftermarket parts for this monster. I supose The trumpeter kit is finely detailed than this one but i dont know about the shape.

Hope I answered your questions.

Cheers Primož

I allways have 3-4 projects building at the same time. MiG was on hold for the moment, but now I proceed forword with this soviet beast. In the meantime I manage to redefine exhaust pipes. Kit parts were ok but position of the inner parts was way off. I sacrified two marker plastic bodies for conecting tubes and so the basic shape was formed.

I know that it could be better but when painted and weathered it will look OK.


Nice, now that’s thinking outside the box and using what’s available, looking good.

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Afer two years I restarted this project. Here is how the model looks now

Regards Primož


Nice build so far. Is the 31 still in service ? And are these new or old Zvezda kits ? be interesting to see how they compare to the armour kits for detail etc.