Mig Antislip Paste

Has anybody tried this product,video looks easy enough,any thoughts?

Excellent question, have wondered about it too.

Tried it on an IDF Magach 6 build. It is too fine for IDF antislip but I think it will look quite nice for a Leopard or Abrams build. It is indeed easy to work with and get a good result. I have to point out that the final look/debth of the surface depends on the way you paint. A multilayer approach will need a more coarse application.

I, for example, like to prime, paint basic color, gloss varnish, washes, varnish, chipping and other effects, matt varnish in the end. This approach results in a thich multilayered surface so I need a more coarse surface in order to get the proper end result.


Thanks.Looking at it for a Chally 2

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I used it on the Husky I built for the Trumpeter build. Worked well enough for what I was looking for. I think I put down two coats.

I tried spraying on my latest build with the Tremclad textured spray paint. I think I prefer the Ammo stuff.

It’s quite sticky though so be sure to mask well and make sure you keep your hands clean.

If this is the Mig Ammo stuff you are referring to then yes it is quite good. But as @gtdeath13 pointed out it has quite a fine finish. I used it to simulate concrete- I used three layers of it and it took paint nicely.

This is the stuff


I used it on an M107 deck. I applied it with a bit of sponge held in cross lock tweezers. It looks great!

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Yeah that’s the one :+1:!

It arrived yesterday,I thought it would have some grit in it for texture.Its pretty much the same as spreading Mr Surfacer 500 on and stippling it to make a rough texture.I tried it on an old tank hull,I probably need some practice with my technique but it was okay.

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You can use textured acrylic paste, sold in artist shops, they come in different grid-fine, rough, medium etc. I suppose AMMO ones are the same.

I have tried many of not most of the various anti-slip products on the market, and I have tot say that the Mig paste is THE best product I have used, and will no longer use anything other than it for my AFVs which require it. I have found that the application of this stuff to be the easiest of any of the products I’ve tried, though just like painting, you need to mask off the areas where the anti-slip texture couldn’t go. An excellent example, in my opinion, is the top of a Challenger 2 turret, where there are small strips where anti-slip is not present on the real tank. But it turned out fabulous for me on that turret! Most highly recommended!!!