MiL Mi-24V build blog

Well this is going to be my build blog for the Helicopter campaign Helicopter 2 Campaign is Operational - Aircraft | AeroScale / Campaigns - Active - KitMaker Network
I will be building Zvezda’s 1/48th MiL Mi-24V and adding a few extras along the way.

Well I started on the cockpit first and used Eduard’s SPACE decals for the interior interior panels, and I must admit I am quite impressed with them. So easy to use, and a drop of white glue holds them firmly in place.

Next up will be the engine bays, which are going to be covered up anyway :joy:.
Andy :slight_smile:


Very nice. The cockpit looks awesome.

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Thanks Gino.
The Eduard set is a nice alternative too the decals you get in the kit, and a lot easier to use then a photo etch set, plus you get the seat harness’s as well, which you don’t get any in the kit, as you get figures for the seats.
Andy :slight_smile:

Are they resin-printed decals, or whatever the new thing is? I have seen them for vehicles and recently saw a set for the 1/35 Trumpeter Hind that I was thinking of getting.

They are like a sponge, so you only need to soak them in warm water for about 3-5 seconds or they will bloat.
The decals are raised, but not by much. Not sure if this type would work for 1/35th, but would be interesting to see.
The LooK panel is resin, but the colour doesn’t match the decals so I probably wont use that one and stick with the decals.
Andy :slight_smile:

So they are like a sponge, meaning that they expand?
I wonder why they call them “space”.