Military show: FFG PMMC G5

One time each year, I have access to military procurement and sales show. My favorite a few years ago was the PMMC G5. PMMC reads Protected Mission Module Carrier by Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft. It is intended as a replacement for M113 family, but so far no sales have been achieved.

Cool looking track anyway.


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Hermann, is it build on the M113 or is it an all original vehicle? Also- how many troops does it have the space for?

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Hi Robin, thanks!
@Karl187 According to the company brochure, it can carry 12 soldiers. Despite the similarity with the M113, it`s an all new track. The term PMMC says that various mission modules can be used. FFG offers Command Post, Mortar Carrier, light AEV, light ARV, Troop Carrier and Ambulance. These informations are from 2015. AFAIK Norway recently tested a cargo carrier similar to the good old M548. Vehicle weight is 26,5 ton with an 8,5 ton cargo capacity.

Thanks for that info Hermann. That’s strange that an all new vehicle like this with variants hasn’t garnered any interest.

Looks like pretty tight quarters inside. Seems awfully tall.

Click here for videos…

The online descriptions are pretty vague on the PMMC G5.

At first, I was pretty skeptical, but this design seems pretty neat after watching the videos. The PMMC G5 sure beats some of the current and future desert and Arctic tracked APCs out there that lack armor and armament. Furthermore, Special Forces can transport their entire 12-man A-Team inside one.

The ground clearance looks high enough that it might be able to incorporate some shallow add-on V-hull Anti-IED belly armor if need be, and I like the idea of huge driver’s ballistic windows and 360-degree situational cameras. Sure, it looks tall, and is, but that’s the standard these days as the USMC’s ACV is also tall.

Personally, I don’t think it will nudge off any current APCs such as the AMPV in the US Army that most likely has 30mm AP armor protection steel plate and ERA tile add-on, more than the PMMC G5, but for Arctic and desert warfare, and for unique Special Forces APC transport, the PMMC G5 might just be the ticket compared to some 6x6 or 8x8 wheeled APC with less armor and seating capacity.

The track is indeed very big. Length 6,25 m, Width 2,97m and Height 2,46m. Compared to M113 which is 4,86 m long, 2,68m wide and 2,5m high. It definitly more comfortable inside than the good old M113.
Manufacturers site on PMMC.

Robin: Is there a change to link a small video I took of the PMMC?

Personally, I’d do something to the side exhaust while minimizing the engineering addition’s width to maintain the 2.97 meter width.

The exhaust seems silent and invisible, and the PMMC G5 seems to run pretty silently, but technically, I wouldn’t have such a massive exhaust baffle on the side without some IR masking or diversion to avoid thermal sensors.

There is no indication on if the fuel cells are at the rear, flanking the rear ramp. If they are, they seem to be armored and protected which is good. Again, I like this…sure beats some of the contenders for the US Army’s future Arctic vehicle.

Depends on where you have stored the video.
A short mp4 clip would probably work but I believe that the best option is to use YouTube for storage and then simply post a link. I have no experience with vimeo so I can’t say anything about that option.
Facebook can also host videos, I suppose that you could make it freely accessible so that we don’t need to login to fb and be in your contacts list to view it.

Thanks Robin, too complicated for me.