Military Truck Model Recommendations

Sanding sponges help in the some cases. Tamiya, DSPAIE are a few companies that some high grid sponges.


Wow Doug, you’ve got quite a task in front of you, there’s so many soft skin trucks on the market now days it’d be hard to choose, depends really on what era you’re most interested in, I just finished AFV club’s M54 A2 and it is a fabulous kit, though it’s not in my particular conflict focus, ICM’s Burma Jeep is pretty darn cool, and unusual as well . .

I just don’t know if it’s been released for sale yet.
I enjoyed building Roden’s M37B Dodge truck but it’s not for the faint hearted if you want an easy build . .

Good luck, between ICM, MiniArt, Trumpeter and Hobby Boss there’s a truckload of kits to choose from.

Cajun :crocodile:


Doug, based on your criteria, I think the Tamiya Krupp Protze would make a fine entry to military trucks. It’s an older kit and goes together with no fuss or drama.

The Quinta Studio 3D decal could make the dash & tail lights pretty straight forward.


I meant the GS Truck with the rear bed not the ambulance version. But the kits are quite similar. A lot of the fragility in the kit with the truck bed was the frame for the canvas and a few other bits in the rear area. The Ambulance version might be a sturdier kit due to the shape.

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I fell asleep at the computer while looking at truck models. Kinda funny.

Thank you for trying to help with the knock out pin stuff but I have tried it all, including a lot of things yet to be suggested, and they are still my bane.

@agincajun That Burma Jeep looks really neat but appears to be a future release. ScaleMates is not yet showing any reviews or copies for sale.

I have no experience with models from Roden. The M37 would make a nice addition to the collection as it fits in with a lot of other vehicles.

Thank you for your suggestions!

@Armor_Buff Hey, Wade. Thank you for joining in! Your suggestion has the virtue of being available from Amazon for cheap.

Quinta Decals came to my attention a while back and I almost purchased some for my GAZ-AAA and Studebaker projects. They are now in my cart for a few future projects.

@Karl187 My bad. This one? I forgot it existed.

@barkingdigger What you describe was exactly my experience with the MiniArt GAZ-AAA. It is an excellent model but very fragile and intense to build.

Based on all the suggestions so far, and given what I already own (about two dozen IBG, ICM, and MiniArt support vehicles and trucks), my inclination it to try the Tamiya CCKW first, Tamiya Prozte second, and AFV Club M54A2/M51A2 third. That order may change because the M51A2 has very strong appeal.

Since trucks by Gecko and Roden are more complicated, I will save those for later.

Airfix is out of the running.

Hobby Boss and Italeri are still in the running.


Yes they are, for everybody. No matter what you try, they are still a PITA. That is just one of those things you have to deal with, like cutting the parts off the sprue.


Yeap that is the one. FWIW I think you are right to go for the Tamiya kits first.


I’ve been using the Vallejo tube of water based putty.
I dispense it in-the hole with the tip that comes with it, wait 30 seconds or so ( trial and error) and then dip a #17 ( straight, chisel type) Exacto blade in water and smooth it out. It works , but takes practice.


FWIW: Some of the best files I’ve used for the job…
‘Infini Model Diamond Taper File 3 Way System (Narrow) ICT-0007’
‘Infini Model Diamond Taper File 3 Way System (Wide) ICT-0008’

—mike :hammer_and_wrench:


Did the Luftwaffe use tanker type trucks and are there any plastic (not resin or printed) models of such vehicles? (Not finding anything.)


Did the Luftwaffe refuel planes from fuel drums ?

Were American Water Buffalo type trailers sometimes used to haul fuel? (Italeri and MiniArt make water tank trailer models. I think the Italeri one is post World War II.)

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I think so but they would be resin kits …




Sorry. I edited my previous post to specify plastic. Resin does not interest me for a number of reasons.

Specifically, I am looking for a truck to refuel a Border Model Focke Wulf 190, Messerschmitt 109, or Stuka. I found one that should work to refuel a Border Model Spitfire.

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If you want something different, I would suggest the Power Wagon by AK.

Accurate, finely detailed and a joy to build.