MILVUS-62 diorama: step by step

Because I love to meet the sci-fi builders here, I thought I’ll post a few build and paint steps for the MILVUS-62 diorama. You’re the first to see most of that :slight_smile:

So there are two kits used, the drone and the miniature of its “operator”. The latter is dedicated to the drone - the serviceman is looking up and holding a controller.

All parts of the drone (minus the wires):

Weapons assembly and the manual:

Base paint of individual parts:

A coat of color of individual parts, camo and some metal:


Fuselage and chassis with main weathering (oils) protected with another layer of glossy lacquer:

Enter diorama. Wood, some resin from the 5DR kit and elsewhere, carbon from a filter; the cable support masked out for now:

Automotive primer:

Preshading and highlighting (Mr. Surfacers):

A front fence. The mesh is made of a mosquito net. I wanted to use a rectangular one but had around only the hexagonal:

Enter the miniature, the Operator (primed with Mr. Surfacers highlights shadows):

Quick and basic acrylic paint (Tamiya):

Placed on the pedestal, the floor takes advantage of the fact this is a block of wood. Cut the lines and weathered with oils and some powder:

Lots of weathering, some stones. Assembled everything. The drone is put on the cable without glue so it’s easy to dismantle for transportation:

The miniature was not customized at all. At this scale, I confirm it is open for customization. The backpack is separate.



Now that looks cool. You have done a wonderful job.

Fantastic little sci-fi piece. The paintwork and detailing on the drone is excellent and the whole scene is well put together.

Great work. The detailing, colors, and weathering really makes this stand out.

Thanks for all the kind reactions! I admit I routinely “dispense” the pics and videos. Have much more, like 120GB of material, roundtables and whatnot, all waiting for its time on youtube… (the WhatIfSciFi channel).