Mini Airbrush Users

Does anyone have any experience with this Mini Airbrush from Neat and Handy?


This one?

Never seen it before, I only provided a more direct link

Thats it. Thanks very much.

I prefer a compressor with a tank to get rid of pulsations in the airflow.
A tank also allows the motor in the compressor some time to cool down.

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These little things I think are good for startup and for people who view airbrushing as a form of witchcraft. This is how I feel about airbrushing.


Not that version but something similar. I liked it.


I understand. The more I practice the more practice I need.


A long time ago when I started with airbrushing I bought a relatively cheap South Korean “copy” of a Badger 150, none of the parts were exchangeable so it wasn’t an exact copy, still a knock-off though.
I also bought a relatively cheap piston compressor, no tank, no oil/water filter, no pressure regulator.
Getting fine lines was impossible since they came out as little dots (each put-put from the compressor resulted in little spots of paint). Hearing protection was recommended …
I could get good area coverage so it was a huge improvement over the old “hair brush”.

After a year I sold the simple compressor and spent some serious cash on a silent compressor (sound level like a quiet fridge) and I also bought a real Badger 150.
Looking back I should probably have gone for a silent compressor directly, I didn’t waste too much money since I managed to sell the first compressor. Still have the El-Cheapo airbrush, it works for area coverage.

I realised that the problems was caused mostly be the compressor and figured out what I really needed/wanted (tank, silence, air pressure regulator, automatic start/stop controlled by air pressure).
I live in a relatively dry climate so moisture isn’t an issue, the water did collect inside the tank which rusted through after 15 years or so. I have replacement tanks lined up …

A cheap garage type compressor will meet all requirements except silent operation but this is not always an issue (small apartment with neighbours vs a house with a garage)

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I’m a cheater. Most of my subject’s end up tan so I use the camo spray paint (Camo Kaki) that you can pick up at most stores that sell spray paint.